Miss and Mrs Malaysia Petite World 2015

Miss and Mrs Malaysia Petite World 2015

yoyo li 完美女王

yoyo li 完美女王

yoyo li

Thank you for your presence on our Grand Final. Hope all guest enjoyed your night with us.

Special thanks to all Judges, VIPs, Performers and Guests who had joined us on Sunday. And of course, to all winners and finalists! You girls did a very great job. 

Organizer: Yinzi Event & Marketing
Official Hotel: Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Judges: Datin Maylene Yong, Dato Kee Hwa Chee, Ms Amber Chia, Mr Richel Xie, Ms Carly Voon, Mr Wong, Ms Stella Lim, Mr CT Chin, Ms Maggie Loo, Mr Alvin Loh, Ms Evelyn Lim, Mr Zyro Wong, Mr Ricky Wong

Sponsors: PQ Cosmetics (Perfect Queen)


Congratulations to all the winners! 

Group A
Champion: Audrey Lee Hwee Wen
1st runner up: Mico Chua Shing Jiin
2nd runner up: Excella Chong Ee Ling
3rd runner up: Angel Lee Yean Ying
4th runner up: Fionn Lee Suk Yee

Miss Most Popular: Angel Lee 
Miss National Costume: Audrey Lee , Fionn Lee 
Miss Most Photogenic: Mico Chua 
Miss Most Fitness: Evonne Beh
Miss Personality: Audrey Lee
Miss Best Talent: Excella Chong, Audrey Lee, Angel Lee
Miss Best Eloquence: Excella Chong
Miss Most Beautiful Skin: Eve Yap
Miss popularity: (Champion - Audrey Lee, 1st runner up - Angel Lee , 2nd runner up - Mico Chua)

Group B
Champion: Cecelia Lee Sook Tieng
1st runner up: Josverlin Chan Mee Yee
2nd runner up: Evonne Ng Paik Hoon
3rd runner up: Carmen Lee See Men
4th runner up: Catherine Tan Sor Eng

Mrs Most Popular: Evonne Ng 
Mrs Best National Costume: Wendy Woon, Sherry Phua
Mrs Most Photogenic: Josverlin Chan
Mrs Perfect Figure: Phelina Tan
Mrs Most Confident: Carmen Lee
Mrs Most Elegant: Jenny Koh
Mrs Most Charming: Wendy Woon
Mrs Friendship: Jenny Koh
Mrs Best Talent: Wendy Woon, Cecelia Lee, Catherine Tan
Mrs Best Eloquence: Elaine Lee
Mrs Best Spirit: Lean Sim Lee, Sherry Phua
Mrs Most Beautiful Skin: Catherine Tan
Mrs Popularity: (Champion - Evonne Ng, 1st runner up - Elaine Lee, 2nd runner up - Wendy Woon)

ms yoyo li 完美女王  Ms yoyo li Miss and Mrs Malaysia Petite World 2015  完美女王  Miss and Mrs Malaysia Petite World 2015  Miss and Mrs Malaysia Petite World 2015  完美女王